7 of the Top Lawyers You Must Follow on Social Media

Professionals networking on social media have signaled a change in the legal sector. Away from traditional marketing strategies, the new trend is toward increased use of social media. With increased participation and better exposure, new opportunities emerge for legal companies worldwide, and thus lawyers greatly benefit from social media.

Through social media, lawyers have a unique chance to interact with their clients on a more emotional and personal level. Lawyers mainly utilize social media to engage with clients and communicate directly. And no matter if you are looking for an injury lawyer, one to represent your business or even just to find some answers to your various questions and needs, there are more than enough legal resources available through social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok and Instagram to help along the way.

Here are seven fantastic examples of the top lawyers who have used social media to develop their practice and raise their brand recognition. Read on to know more.

Bob Ambrogi

The first name on our list is that of Bob Ambrogi. Bob is a media and technology lawyer. He has amassed a remarkable Twitter following of over 18K. He is well-recognized for his insightful posts on the LawSites blog and Above the Law, and he’s a notable publisher and editor in chief of LexBlog. Without a doubt, Bob Ambrogi has a legal media presence unlike any other. While it appears that the general public follows him on social media, he also follows over 2,000 Twitter accounts, indicating that he keeps an eye on everything significant in the sector.

Greg Lambert

Building a significant social media following can take time, and it can also take the potential to encourage participation with high-quality content. In other circumstances, it’s a mix of the two that results in significant social influence. Greg Lambert, the founder of 3 Geeks and a Law Blog and the holder of a formidable legal and technology résumé, is one such example.

His social media posts are primarily about legal technology and contentious matters such as net neutrality, but they also have human appeal. With over 12K followers, it appears other people think the same way.

Rachel Gurvich

The hashtag #PracticeTuesday is spotted by legal professionals who use Twitter. Rachel Gurvich was the brains behind it. She’s made it her job to not only start a conversation within the legal community but to do it in a way that fits in with the harried schedules and fast-paced lives of lawyers all around the country. She launched the #PracticeTuesday blog to provide advice more substantial than what people would find on Twitter. Tens of thousands of fans follow her on social media to see how brilliant she is.

Ali Obeid

The FleekTalks, a YouTube channel, is the brainchild of Ali Obeid, where he recounts his life and legal experiences. Although he is still finishing his LSE politics degree, the potential White & Case trainee has already started producing legal content on his YouTube channel. He just shared a video where he demonstrates “the easiest method” to get a vac scheme. His 1,800 subscribers like his down-to-earth and personable demeanor.

In addition to his YouTube material (which has had over 102,000 views), Obeid maintains an Instagram “news page” where he offers narratives on topics that range from racism to feminism.

Eve Cornwell

Eve Cornwell is well-known in the community for a variety of reasons. Her prominent YouTube channel, which has 278K followers and 20 million views is one of the most popular faces on the platform.

The Bristol University law graduate and newcomer to the magic circle regularly keeps followers up to speed on her legal adventures. In an “unfiltered” tour of the London office, she gave us an inside look at life at Linklaters, and in another video, she spoke about her hectic lifestyle. The YouTuber went viral after uploading a photo of herself on the Tube with none other than Lady Hale.

Gordon Chung

Gordon Chung is a LinkedIn influencer that specializes in the legal industry. On the professional networking site, he is approaching 10K followers. He was awarded a training contract with the worldwide legal firm Baker McKenzie. Since then, Chung has made it his mission to assist others in achieving similar success by providing his frank professional advice.

In one article, Chung, who earned his LLB at the City University of Hong Kong before going to Cambridge to pursue a master’s in business law, recounts being denied 35 times in a single application round. As a result, he reached out to over 50 lawyers he’d never met for application advice. The aspiring lawyer has also established himself on YouTube, where his channel, “The Struggling Lawyer,” has over 1,750 followers and just under 21K views.

Andrew Arruda

Andrew Arruda is the co-founder and CEO of Ross Intelligence, a TED Talks speaker, and a changemaker. Because of his contagious attitude and ambition, he is an influencer worth paying close attention to. What makes Arruda stand out and even more appealing as a speaker is he understands how to blend the realms of technology and law with a splash of daily wit. His website provides information about him and opportunities to connect with him.

Top Social Media Hashtags for Lawyers

As you can imagine, with so many different law firms and attorneys looking to grow their reach and expertise through social media, there is going to be a lot of content and competition out there. To help find exactly what you are looking for, it’s a good idea to search through social media content via hashtags.

After some extensive reporting and analysis, we have found the following legal hashtags to be trending across multiple social media platforms.

  • #Law
  • #Legal
  • #Lawsuit
  • #Lawyer
  • #Lawyers
  • #Justice
  • #Attorney
  • #HarvardLaw
  • #SupremeCourt
  • #Justice4All
  • #LawFirm
  • #InstaLawyer
  • #Felony
  • #Misdemeanor
  • #Lawsuit
  • #CriminalDefense
  • #InnocentUntilProvenGuilty

Depending on the content you are looking for, some of these trending hashtags will be used more than others. And you likely will come across some of the listed attorneys mentioned in the content above — which alone proves these are working methods.

Getting the Most Out of Your Social Media Efforts

Social media platforms, when used effectively, have the potential to assist lawyers in growing. These lawyers maintain a strong social media presence. They provide stories that reflect their firm’s culture and principles authentically. Following renowned lawyers on social media is the go-to option for people who want to stay up-to-date with the latest legal news from the top lawyers or communicate with them. These seven lawyers are the architects of the legal industry’s social landscape.

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